Königstadt GmbH

Welcome to Königstadt.

KÖNIGSTADT has been a successful property owner for years. We are familiar with the real estate market and with tenants’ requirements. We have a responsible, conscientious approach to our ideas and actions –working for happy tenants, value investment and the benefit of generations to come. We are in principle against short-term speculative investment.



A solid foundation.

We have well-founded expertise from our years of experience in managing our own properties. That expertise benefits, first and foremost, the people living and working in them. Naturally, we define success by financial results. But we prefer to see it in the faces of satisfied tenants and clients.

Our success is based on a team of experienced and dedicated employees: property and housing management specialists, qualified commercial personnel, engineers, architects, and accountants. KÖNIGSTADT is also a successful training company, enabling junior staff to have a solid education at Berlin’s real estate college, BBA – Akademie der Immobilienwirtschaft.